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29 Oct

Hello loyal followers! Are there still any out there? 🙂

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Latin American Festival – Carnaval de Sol

29 Jun

Click here to read about “Carnaval de sol”.

Saturday, June 30

10 am to 10 pm

Granville Street

Carnaval in Managua, Nicaragua 2007

Canada Day

29 Jun

Watch this video about Canada Day at Canada Place.

Click here to read about the top 10 Canada Day Events.


**Don’t forget that the college will be closed on Monday.**

Love You Forever

28 Jun


Click here to find other books by Robert Munsch.

So few students . . .

27 Jun

There are so few students in class today that I feel very sad and disappointed.

I have such a small class today that I feel like crying.

A school waiting for its students.

What is Canada?

27 Jun

Click here to watch a CBC special program about Canada. In this clip, CBC asks Canadians the difficult question, “What is Canada?” After you watch the video, try to write and say sentences about Canada using “not only . . . but also”.

Maz Jobrani

27 Jun


Watch this funny video about Maz Jobrani, an Iranian-American’s experience growing up as an Iranian immigrant in America.

Click here to watch a funny presentation on Maz Jobrani is a Iranian-American who tries to break stereotypes by making jokes. This is a great website because you can read the transcript in English as well as many languages.