16 Dec

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for coming out to the field trip on Thursday.  I hope you had a good time.  I wanted to remind you to find some riddles for your classmates to solve.  If you want me to check the grammar for your riddle first, please either send me an email or type your riddle by commenting on this post.

Many thanks,



One Response to “Riddles”

  1. canadaheyday December 18, 2011 at 8:59 pm #

    Hi, Julia.
    I am glad to meet you soon.
    I had so many impressions from my Vancouver trip with Jennifer.
    I can tell you more if you like.
    Many times I admired architecture masterpiece wich looks like a big ship with white sails. But I have never been there before.
    From there opens a beutiful view on Pacific ocean.
    When I stood there I felt the wind and heard noisy waves.
    It is feels as if you cruise to open ocean.
    When we visited a Hyatt Hottel I observed gingerbread houses display.
    It was so cute!
    When I approached to look closer at students composition of bakery faculty of VCC, I heard, everybody talking “It’s amazing!” , “It’s fantastic!”
    This work was made with greet love, attantion to smal details and sence of art.
    The great place to visit the Robson Square near the Art Gallery.
    You can try skating.
    Perhaps you have never skate before.
    Try it once with a good company!
    It so funny to do.
    I sincerely wish you a Very Mery Christmass in Vancouver!

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