Computer Lab – March 8

8 Mar

Listening and Reading

On the ELSA 5 reading test, there are articles on many different topics, so it is important to get used to reading a variety of articles. Click on the links to practice listening and reading together.

1.  Russians Vote for President – Listening, Reading and Vocabulary

2. The 84th Academy Awards – Listening, Reading and Vocabulary

3. 100th International Women’s Day – Listening, Reading and Vocabulary

4. Designing a Quake Resistant Building – Listening, Reading and Vocabulary

Reading for Understanding (Quizzes)

5. Reading Quiz 1 (with answers)

6. Reading Quiz 2 (with answers)

7. Reading Quiz 3 (with answers)


6. What are the differences between Canadians and Americans? (with questions and transcript)

7. The Ideal Woman (with questions)

8. CBC News
CBC News Transcript


9. Articles (the, a, an) (Explanation and Exercises)

10. Articles (the, a, an) (More Information and Exercises)

11. Articles (the, a, an) (Quiz)

Please share a particularly interesting or useful story or exercise you did in the computer lab.  Describe the story or exercise you did and what you learned.  What was useful or interesting about it?  What was difficult about it?  This will help you writing. The more you write, the better you will get at it!


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