Computer Lab – April 17

17 Apr

Writing Emails

(In order to use these links, you have to highlight the web address (URL), then copy the URL and paste in a new window.)


6. Cause and Effect sentences – Explanation. Keep clicking the arrow keys to read the whole unit.

7. Click here to practice connecting cause and effect sentences.

8. More cause and effect sentences – We haven’t covered them all, but if you want more information and practice, click here.


9. How to Make an Apology – Video – Watch the video and share what you’ve learned by commenting below.

10. Click here to listen to some negative effects of the Canucks’ poor performance. Then make a comment.


11. Click here to review vocabulary from yesterday.

12. Click here to review vocabulary from last week.


One Response to “Computer Lab – April 17”

  1. Jen April 17, 2012 at 11:25 pm #

    Hi everyone,

    I’m sorry for putting some links on the blog that don’t seem to working at the moment. When I checked yesterday, they worked. Unfortunately, something seems to be wrong with the website itself. The questions are not showing up. I will check back tomorrow and perhaps contact the website creator.

    Thanks for your patience.


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