April 19 News

19 Apr

Click here to read about a speeding motorcyclist.

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One Response to “April 19 News”

  1. doaa April 20, 2012 at 2:01 pm #

    Hello Jen,
    I watched the video about the speeding motorcyclist and I learned,the motorcyclist is 25 years old.The police had identified the IP address and they knew that the register owner of the bike is his mother,and the motorcycle coast $15000 when thy bought it.The police will charge the rider $360 for the driving without care and attention(violation ticket), for the excessive speeding $83,and no insurance $598,the total 14 hundred 49 dollars.The police said that he don’t have a driver license,but he have class 8,and that is mean he can rid the motorcycle as a second driver.I think he is a crazy boy because the excessive speeding is very dangerous.


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