Grammar: Unexpected Results or Indirect Contrast

6 Jun

This is a show called Britain’s Got Talent.  The woman in the video clip wants to be a famous singer. Her name is Susan Boyle. This is her first audition for the show. Watch this video clip and pause it at the 1:06 mark. Answer these questions:

1. What do the judges think about Susan Boyle? What do they expect her to do?

2. What do the people in the audience think about Susan Boyle before she starts singing? How do they expect her to sing? Why do they expect that?

Continue watching the video clip.

3. How would you describe Susan’s performance? Is she a good singer? Is this the result that the judges and the audience members expected?

We can talk or write about a situation that has unexpected results by using “although” or “even though”.

Even though/Although 1

Even though/ Although 2


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