Dec. 21 news

Thanks to Peter, Andrey and Rebecca for providing these riddles:

1. What kind of bus can cross the ocean?
2. I have 12 arms, 12 legs and 8 heads.  What am I?
3. Why can’t you put an “m” in refrigerator?
4. What kind of driver doesn’t need a licence?
5. Mary’s mother had 4 children.  Their names were Nana, Nene and Nini.  What’s the name of her 4th child?

If you want to find the answers, you have to ask them!  🙂

Dec. 20 riddle

Dec. 19 riddle

Dec. 14 news

Dec. 13 Riddle

Congrats to Peter for getting the right answer!

Dec. 12 Riddle

Congrats to Andrey, Peter and Frank for offering such creative and imaginative answers!

Dec. 8 news

Dec. 7 news

Dec. 6 Riddle

(Congrats to Andrey for cleverly solving this riddle.)

Dec. 5 Riddle

Dec. 1 News Dictation

Nov. 30 News Dictation

Nov. 29 Riddle

(Congratulations to Peter for solving this riddle.  I guess I have to find more difficult riddles now.)

Nov. 28 Riddle

(Congratulations to Jing Jing for solving this riddle in record time!)

Nov. 24 News Dictation

Nov. 23 News Dictation

Nov. 22 Riddle Dictation

Nov. 21 Riddle Dictation

Nov. 10 News Dictation

Nov. 9 News Dictation

Nov. 8 Riddle (Microwave)

Nov. 7 Riddle (Poison)

Nov. 3 News Dictation (Immigration)

Nov. 2 News Dictation (Minimum Wage)

Nov. 1 Dictation (Elevator Riddle)

To read the riddle and the answer, click here.

Oct. 31 Dictation (Riddle)

To read the riddle and the answer, click here.


Aug. 3 Dictation

Aug. 4 Dictation

Aug. 8 Dictation

Aug. 9 Dictation

Aug. 11 Dictation

Aug. 15 Dictation

Aug. 16 Dictation

Aug. 18 Dictation

Aug. 23 Dictation

Aug. 24 Dictation

Aug. 25 Dictation

Aug. 29 Dictation

Aug. 30 Dictation

Sept. 1 Dictation

Sept. 7 Dictation

Sept. 8 Dictation

Sept. 12 Dictation

Sept. 13 Dictation

Sept. 14 Dictation

Sept. 19 Dictation

Sept. 21 Dictation

Sept. 22 Dictation

Sept. 26 Dictation

Sept. 28 Dictation


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