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The Grey Cup

28 Nov

Listen and practice reading the story about how the B.C. Lions won the Grey Cup.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


“I Believe”

13 Sep

This was the official song of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. 

Freedom Writers

12 Sep

Watch a clip from the movie, Freedom Writers.  See if you can hear the embedded questions that the teacher asks.

Watch the same clip with subtitles.

Reading, Vocabulary and Listening Practice

8 Sep

Reading Practice – Workers Protest –  Click on this link, read and listen to the story. Then answer the questions.

Reading cards – Click on this link and try Reading Cards #21 – 30. If they’re are too easy, go on to the next set.

Vocabulary Practice

Listen to this clip about giving  false praise

When I first came to this land . . .

7 Sep

This is the song that we did in class.  Can you hear the differences in this version?

This is another version of the song.

This yet another version of the song.

Cesar Chavez – Remember a Labour Leader on the Day after Labour Day

6 Sep

Cesar Chavaz – Labour Leader (Podcast)

You can listen to the entire podcast or go to the 9:21 mark and listen to the portion about Cesar Chavez.

Watch this video to learn about the legacy of Cesar Chavez.

Keep Kids in School

29 Aug

Click play to listen to an interview about why this person dropped out of school.

Vodpod videos no longer available.