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Second Conditional – If (Unreal / Imagined Situations)

22 Aug

Jack Layton Loses Battle with Cancer

22 Aug

Click here to read and watch videos about Jack Layton.



This is an interview with Jack Layton made in 2010.  He gave a tour of his eco-friendly home to Rick Mercer.


17 Aug

Listen to this interview with K’naan.

Listen to this interview with K’naan about his song “Wavin’ Flag”.

Listen to all of K’naan’s interviews.

Men’s Brains vs. Women’s Brains

15 Aug


Michelle Obama’s Speech about Education

9 Aug

 Click here to watch Michelle Obama’s speech about education with the script.

Click on the arrow button next to “interactive script”. Then you can click on any sentence and the video will jump to that sentence.

Click here to record and practice your pronunciation.

Tiger Parents / Tiger Moms

9 Aug

English Names on Resumes

8 Aug