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May 7 news

7 May

This picture was taken by myself.

Click here to read about a hang gliding accident.


The Grey Cup

28 Nov

Listen and practice reading the story about how the B.C. Lions won the Grey Cup.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Reading, Vocabulary and Listening Practice

8 Sep

Reading Practice – Workers Protest –  Click on this link, read and listen to the story. Then answer the questions.

Reading cards – Click on this link and try Reading Cards #21 – 30. If they’re are too easy, go on to the next set.

Vocabulary Practice

Listen to this clip about giving  false praise

Reading Quizzes

10 Aug

1. Click here do a informational reading quiz called “Computer and Girls”.

You can watch the video as you read the story.  On the left-hand side of the screen, you can test your vocabulary and comprehension. 

You know you have the correct answer when you see this symbol –  😉.  If you see an “X”, you have the wrong answer.

2. Click here do a informational reading quiz called “Children in Russia Spend Summers in California.

You can listen to the story, practice vocabulary and do other exercises.



8 Aug