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Review Games

31 May

Click here to play a vocabulary review game.

Click here to review grammar and news from the month of May.

Click here to play a game to review adjectives.


May 31 News

31 May

Click here to read about how interned UBC students received their degrees 70 years later.

Computer Lab

30 May

Follow the instructions that I gave you in class an type your composition on GoogleDocs.

Don’t forget to save the mp3 file and send me the link. My email is  Alternatively, you can save the mp3 file and leave the link as a comment on the blog.

On this webpage, you will find a list of grammar quizzes. Please choose the following quizzes to help you review the grammar points we have studied in May. On the website, if you click “notes”, you can read an explanation as well.

1. Choose #3  – Adjectives with -ed and -ing
2. Choose #27  – be used to
3. Choose #76  – Embedded questions
4. Choose #90 and #91  – First Conditional
5. Choose #277 and #288  – Second Conditional
6. Choose #319  – Suffixes
7. Choose #328  – Third Conditional
8. Choose #340 – used to
9. Choose #360 and #361 – Zero Conditional

Rick Hansen goes bungee jumping

30 May

Rick Hansen goes bungee jumping with Canadian comedian, Rick Mercer.

May 30 News

30 May

Vancouver police cruiser at 10th and Cambie

Click here to read about a suspect in an attempted murder case.

Sentence Stress

30 May

Watch this video about sentence stress. Remember to stress the content words and reduce the function words.

May 29 News

29 May

The body of a Canadian woman who died on Mount Everest has been recovered.


Mount Everest

Click here to read about why this woman wanted to conquer Mount Everest.